History of the organ workshop

It was in 1990 when, with all my unstoppable desire, responsibility and pride, I dug into the rich Slovenian tradition of organ making.

In Rogaška Slatina, more precisely at Brestovec, where we have a modern organ workshop, every year, all of us who are employed, strive to follow the trends and mission of the organ industry with precision. I am convinced that during these years of history we have learned the art and meaning of this profession and thus transfer it with wisdom to younger generations. We are able to prove that we are achieving our goals by becoming one of the largest workshops in Europe over the years.

During this period of our creation, we have enriched and refined many churches, cathedrals, music schools and concert halls with our instruments, and some smaller organs have also been made for private purposes. We can boast a number of newly made and restored organs - more than 400 - that can be heard and seen in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Italy, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Portugal, France, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia and the USA. Each year, between 12 and 20 opuses of new or restored, smaller or larger organs are added to the number of opuses.

We are very proud that we have been able to create one of the largest foundries with the help of technology and our own know-how, and we also have a central warehouse for different types of naturally dried wood.