History of the organ workshop

It was in 1990 that I dived into the great Slovenian heritage of organ manufacturing with all my uncontrollable drive, responsibility, and pride.

Every year, those of us who work in Rogaka Slatina, more specifically in Brestovec, where we have a contemporary organ workshop, seek to follow the trends and purpose of the organ business with accuracy. I am confident that over history, we have mastered the skill and significance of our vocation and have so passed it on to future generations with prudence. We are able to prove that we are achieving our goals by becoming one of the largest workshops in Europe over the years.

Every year, between 12 and 20 opuses of new or repaired, smaller or bigger organs are added to the collection.

During this time, we have enhanced and polished numerous churches, cathedrals, music schools, and concert halls with our instruments, and we have also manufactured several smaller organs for private use. 
More than 400 newly built and restored organs can be heard and seen in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Italy, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Portugal, France, Denmark, Norway, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Belgium, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Russia, and the United States. 
We are quite happy that, with the aid of technology and our own know-how, we have been able to establish one of the largest foundries, as well as central storage for various types of naturally dried wood.