Quality policy

In order to achieve our strategic goals, ORGLARSTVO ŠKRABL d.o.o. has established the following key operational guidelines:

  • taking on new challenges and requests to produce all types of organs for clients demanding such products,
  • focus on customer requirements and satisfaction and on market needs,
  • focus on finding the best solution for each individual client by pooling all available resources,
  • partnership with key suppliers and involvement of all stakeholders in business and professional growth,
  • continuous learning, monitoring new technologies and materials in order to find the best solution for the client,
  • monitoring market trends with a view to expanding our range of end products and services as we grow our business,
  • highly efficient production of competitive products – all types of organs, with a focus on innovation and quality,
  • excellence in after-sales services,
  • operating according to ISO 9001:2015 principles: leadership, evidence-based decision-making, project-based approach and continuous improvement.